Your Business is Welcome Here!

Whether you are visiting our site because you are interested in how the Jeannette Business Association can help you succeed in your business endeavors, or if you are searching for someone to fulfill your product or service needs, we have over 100 members just for you.

Visit the Member Directory page to find out more information on our members.  Or Contact Us if you would like to shoot us an email to request more information, find a local store or have a question.

New members are eligible for pro-rated memberships in their first year of joining. All subsequent membership dues are billed in January – click here to become a NEW member of the JBA!

The Jeannette Business Association’s mission is, “To Strengthen and Promote Business through Teamwork to Better Serve Our Community.

The Jeannette Business Association is made up of people just like you. We are hard-workers dedicated to the success of our businesses, and we believe a strong business community benefits us all.

The JBA provides us with the opportunity to network with each other and provide service to the community we all love.

Organization Highlights:

  • Established in 1994
  • Maintains and operates the “Welcome to Jeannette” sign located at the corner of Lowry Avenue and Route 30.
  • Conducts a monthly business meeting
  • Host or sponsor events and activities that draw positive attention to the businesses that belong to the Jeannette Business Association.
  • In 2017, JBA has partnered with the American Legion for the JBA Events Center at the American Legion.  This benefits both parties and gives the JBA the chance to showcase the area through trade shows and concerts.