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In the heart of Jeannette, you will discover many important facets of life that have continued to shape our wonderful community: A bustling small business economy, community-oriented events, great food, and a rich cultural history. Our site hopes to serve as a hub for both businesses and ordinary people alike, looking for new and exciting places to shop, dine, and find service. We want to encourage opportunity as well as the growth of our participants within our community, and we hope that you can become a part of that as well.


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About JBA

The Jeannette Business Association represents a culmination of our local heritage. We are a collection of 100+ businesses and organizations dedicated to helping one another, while ensuring the growth of our community as a whole. We encourage you to browse our directory listings to find and explore the best service that Jeannette has to offer.

Come and Visit!

With an estimated population of just under 10,000, Jeannette has attracted a diverse range of individuals. Local attractions include:

  • Well-known restaurants.
  • Affordable selection of homes.
  • Nearby amenities, just a few short miles away.

Once known as “The Glass City,” Jeannette is estimated to have, at one point, supplied as much as 80% of the world’s glass. Today, manufacturing powerhouses have helped shaped the economic landscape, with the Elliot Company being the city’s largest employer.