• Member: Robert Kane

  • Phone: (724) 523-3151

  • Address: 408 Harrison Avenue

  • Location: Jeannette, PA , 15644

I’m Doug Wilson, the owner, and I’ve been at the helm for well over 40 of those 70+ years.
I watched how hard my family worked, and I learned the meaning of words such as DEDICATION…SACRIFICE…INTEGRITY and HONESTY !
I am proud of what my family started…and I am equally proud of the reputation this company has EARNED over the last several decades.
DO NOT take for granted, that MY name and my FAMILY name is attached to this business.
And as a result, you can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that any product you purchase from us, will be made from the BEST ingredients…with the BEST equipment in association with the BEST employees….and there will NEVER be any shortcuts or compromises on the QUALITY.