• Member: Pastor Nate

  • Phone: 412-215-4748

  • Address: 227 South 4th Street

  • Location: Jeannette, PA, 15644

Our vision is to be a cross-cultural family growing in community together, with a heart for God and a heart for Jeannette, that includes the poor and works for justice and mercy.

Each of us has a different story, but the same story-maker. At Mosaic, we see this story as a preview of Revelation 7, where God’s people of every age, culture, race, and socioeconomic status, worship around God’s throne.

Like a mosaic we are all broken, the Bible teaches that no one is innately good (Romans 3:10-12), and yet God pieces us together into a community that is a beautiful picture of His grace and glory.

Our goal in this is simple: to become a family that is broken together, seeing Jesus meet us in our brokenness and transform us, and is working to bring that same hope to the community of Jeannette.