Jeannette Business Association


There is a wide variety of stores, from markets and bakeries to auto part and stained glass shops, in the Jeannette area.  To take a look at some of the different ones, please stop by our Shopping Directory.

Being a member of the Jeannette Business Association offers numerous benefits for stores, such as the ability to use it as a tool to get the word out about your shop, to network with other similar businesses in the area, and attend special events hosted by the JBA.  Therefore, if you would like to become a member or renew your membership today, you can fill this form directly on our website by clicking here.  Once a member, you can even customize which information about your business appears on this website by submitting it to our Directory, and we will add it for you.

If your store is already a member of the JBA, feel free to follow the aforementioned link to update your business’s content.